Slander defined

Slander defined

8:16pm EDST – look take this down u do not have permission to have her photos up nor to accuse me of child abuse u stupid lil man..i said i would play nice to begin with test me..really..its slander..look it up..


  • words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another
  • defame: charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone; “The journalists have defamed me!” “The article in the paper sullied my reputation”
  • aspersion: an abusive attack on a person’s character or good name
  • In law, defamation (also called calumny, libel, slander, and vilification) is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image.
  • a false, malicious statement (spoken or published), especially one which is injurious to a person’s reputation; the making of such a statement; to utter a slanderous statement

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Since I’ve got a legal issue on my hands now, I thought I’d put all my business on the table and reference exactly what this individual is talking about.

Read about my time as a Ten day daddy.

Is it really slander? Really? I didn’t think so. There are no names. There isn’t any finger pointing. It’s more than I can say for the instigator and her MySpace blogs… naming me specifically as the father and my lack of cooperation with the pregnancy. I had asked her to remove all mentions of my name. She did not. The joke was on me! Ha! She picked the best [possible] daddy and stuck with it.

I think this whole ordeal is a bit “high school” for the social media circles. But if I can’t get my side of the story our there, then who is ever going to believe me?

Even as a young man, the thing that frustrated me most was someone not believing me. Someone seeing me for who I wasn’t. In this case, I walked into the town of Lexington, NC with a bright red “Baby’s Daddy” stamped on my forehead. And you know what? I was proud of that. I ate at the local restaurants. I went to church. I met family, friends, relatives. They all saw me as the father. I didn’t mind. Elyse was my little girl.

I’ve never wanted the white picket fence and a dog named Spot. I’ve never wanted the wife. I’ve always wanted the children. And I was proud to have Elyse. She changed me, made me aware of what I really wanted and what I was capable of as a father.

The problem lies with her mother. I spoke the truth when I said she was using the baby against me. She knew how I felt about Elyse. And even now, four months after her birth, she tries to call. For what reason? I deleted it without listening. What could that woman possibly think she has to say to me?

I am at an impasse, folks. I’d appreciate your advice in the comments. Thanks.


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  1. not babys mama says:

    grow up why do you care you said you wanted to let go..then let her go you had your chance to be in her said no..i never used her concerning parents are contacting a lawyer..

  2. not babys mama says:

    really take it down..take her pics down..u have no right you gave that up when you walked away for selfish reasons..her dad is going to call and he will take care of it..he isnt to happy you had them up anyway..enough is enough your just keeping it up and saying what your saying cause you want to get to me..too bad..the law is on my dont accuse someone of child abuse unless you have proof and it is a serious are so childish

  3. not babys mama says:

    no really take it her did not have my permission to have the pics up or accuse me of such crap that is apparently false

  4. not babys mama says:

    be a man for once take it down

  5. not babys mama says:

    jus b/c your mom was abusive doesnt mean every other woman is..when you grow up you will understand that

  6. not babys mama says:

    apparently alot..i took the stuff down that i wrote about you..that shows you how much u pay attention..slander/defame..whatever..if you would have bothered to listen to the voicemail you would have been proud at how i appraoched the situation..i dont want you..i realized after you left you had to control everything or it couldnt be that is why my daughter is named elyse and not mia..go figure..i know you are a good person but really angry at the whole situation but all i asked was for you to take her pics off..the charge of abuse was uncalled for..i never said something like that of you..what do you get out of having it up..memories of what you want to leave behind that makes no wanted to leave her did..maybe i was emotional especially towards the end of the pregnancy and right after birth but you will never even try to understand my side you never did..maybe things would have been different if you would have tried..i made bad decisions and i have to deal with the aftermath..i feel that you are being a child about held your head up high when you came to my town and i saw a sweet side of you which made everything so hard and why i cried alot too..i never knew how you felt about the baby until she was were so detached from the whole pregnancy i was shocked when you did a 180 after she was born..Elyse was your little girl..when you found out she wasnt yours you didnt even try to stick around..that was your not a bad person..i love her so much and she helps me grow every day to be a better are still welcome in her life anytime i jus wish you wouldnt have said the abuse comment..thats all

  7. Sean says:

    It wouldn’t be so much slander as *libel* (slander being false and defamatory statements issued via the spoken word).

    And “false” is the key here: “Truth” is an absolute defense against defamation. You’re allowed to say (or write) whatever you want no matter how people feel about it, so long as it happens to be true…

  8. not babys mama says:

    well it isnt true but thanks for your opinion..thats the point silly

  9. TMB says:

    False is the key here. If person knows and can prove someone made false statements w/intent to discredit or harm another for the purpose of financial or personal gain, then it’s a problem. But to disclose truthful incidents, even w/a non-disclosure agreement, is a whole other issue. Folks who don’t want others to know truth will ironically take steps to remove if they can, otherwise, not much that can be done as you can’t stifle someone’s experiences. Just my two cents, but I’m sure a lawyer knows best.

  10. Klimas says:

    Devil’s advocate here,

    Bro I’ve been conspicuously quiet on this one, as I normally post a response to your messages. I think you’re hurting, and this (earmuffs) cunt of an ex-girlfriend of yours needs to pay, but it won’t help anyone, least of all Elyse. Truth is bro if you have to work things out with her than that’s what you need to do. Don’t let pride get in your way, and don’t stoop to her level by airing out dirty laundry. Everyone who knows you will vouch for your impeccable character and strength in conviction. She betrayed you, but you carried yourself with honor, and did the right thing with the information you had. Now that it is what it is you need to find a way to forgive her and move on because this is a heavy burden to carry around with you. Also, unless you are going to be in Elyse’s life, you should get rid of her pictures. Sorry to play devil’s advocate. Drop me a line anytime.

  11. AwesomeRodrigues says:

    I am truly amazed. I am incapable of understanding the level of idiocy required for someone to be so dense.

    By law, slander can only be an oral statement. What they are accusing you of is libel. However, libel requires two characteristics: 1) it must be false 2) it must not be state in an opinion form. First, nothing within your blog was false. and second,by definition, a blog is an opinion. Therefore, she has no cause of action for a defamation claim. I will send her my bill within the next 30 days. By her attempt to use terms she does not clearly understand only demonstrates her ignorance.

    Always a Pleasure!

  12. not babys mama says:

    it seems like your out to make me out to be some monster your not nieve or a sweetheart in any fact you high school bullshit is beinging proven in with it how you will and i will do the same her pics will be taken down as fas as the abuse comment go fuck yourself! you know nothing of the sort..prove what i have to say to you..if you cant then screw off and keep your mouth shut

  13. not babys mama says:

    i may have one but it doesnt define who i am so please grow upyou know nothing of the situation b/w jayme and i you have one side so making judgement on your behalf is ignorant

  14. Dale says:

    Wow, I have bitten my lip on this for a while now but why in the world can she not move on. I had to reread your ten day daddy article 5 or 6 times until I found the “abuse” statement in the replies section. It is time to move on for her with this one, close the book period. It took two to tango yes and yes she may not have liked the way you handled things before Elyse was born but that is in the past making you delete the pictures and the article will do nothing to resolve that. What about the fact there always had to be doubt in her mind about whose child it was, she was in panic mode try to get you to be the “DAD”. And in my “opinion” parents who use a child to wage war when things go bad in a marriage or relationship should have there asses kicked it is a form of abuse not matter what you like to think it is or what word you use for it. It is time realize that sometimes you have to take your lumps and move on with life. Before it starts to affects the one truly innocent person in this whole ordeal, Elyse….

    One more thing she may need to be reminded of is that harassment is easier to prove than slander. She has no right to keep doing what she is doing to you or did to you. If your way of dealing with it was to write that article and keep it that is your business plain and simple.

    Jayme keep your chin up, forgive her even if you never say to any one other than a Corona bottle!

  15. devildogsrock says:

    Jayme,sounds like she’s pissed off at herself for f***n you around and losing you.Believe me,when a woman realizes that she just shit where she ate,it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.The fact that you stepped up and took that child as your own,you proved(without needing to I’m sure)that you are one hell of a guy!There are plenty of men who won’t even claim their own child and here this woman is,lucky enough to have you,just not smart enough to know it!You are so much better off without her it sounds like.You owe her nothing,not even the courtesy of answering the phone.Hang in there!

  16. not babys mama says:

    To: Dale

    he said i used her as a leverage tool & that was That is saying I abuse my child. I didnt get anything from it? I didnt try! I gave him the DNA test that he wanted from day one.Jayme isnt a bad person and i know he is angry but still he needs to move on..ive let him bash me on this stupid website for too long..that is childish..he needs to grow up..her dad told me last night that although he does have the right to say what he wants he was out of line but that he was just trying to get people to feel sorry for him..which worked..that he was trying to control my feelings..jayme has always knew how to push my buttons and then he would laugh at in response to the “Ten Day Daddy” article and this humours high school crap..JAYME YOU WIN!!! If it makes you feel better to put someone else down and that is how you get thru the day then so be it.. my friends know how I am with my daughter and how I was with you and how you treated me..good and bad..after you left I realized you were such a control freak I was willing to do whatever to make you happy at my I miss you..Yes! Do I wish things could of turned out differently..Yes! They didnt! I offered you to be in her life and you wont so although I dont get why you want to relive the pain thru a be it! Although I know you wont you can call me or contact me anytime if you want to talk..I wont hold my breath. LOL! I hope you can let go of this one day and move have always had a good head on your shoulders. Take care!

  17. Nikki says:

    “Not the baby mama”… No one has to make you look ignorant. You do that just fine yourself. I am not writing this to defend Jayme I am writing this to let you know about yourself. You are the type of woman that gives women a bad name. I work in the medical community and think you are full of crap when you say that they could not figure out when you conceived. And if for some reason they gave you a window it was a small one and you would have known that there was a chance that it could be someone else’s child. I think that you should be ashamed of yourself and I hope that is what you tell your child when she asks one day. Although I know that you wont… you will do exactly what you did here and probably what you do in every other failure in your life… blame it on someone else. Before anyone has a heart attack, I do not think the child is a failure but I do think that a women who would try to trick someone into being the father of their baby is a failure as a women. You should have stood up to your mistake (having sex with another man while you were in a relationship) at the time and you never know things may have turned out differently… the truth can be an amazing thing…. Lies only seem to complicate them as I am sure that you know now.

    I can see that you would like to pull the sympathy card to get some people on your side. Your words “I am doing a damn good job at it.. im doing it alone with very limited help and almost no money…” You chose to have sex with two people at the same time and apparently one of them was a really bad choice. At least Jayme was going to be there for the kid wither he loved you or NOT (which may be the reason he did not want to touch you). Maybe if you had made better life choices you would not be doing it alone with no money… which is what I figure you saw in him and that is why you named him. I can’t say anything about the other guy as I don’t know his story but you sure don’t make him out to be a stellar guy. (those are your word not mine) I can say that you are a poor excuse for a strong woman at this point in time though. I hope that you can grow up yourself and stop blaming everyone for your mistakes, take some responsibility and truly raise your daughter to be a strong, honest and independent women. Help her learn from your mistakes.

    Oh yeah and one more thing… you should probably re read the post “ten day daddy” he did not say that it was child abuse… someone else posted it and he agreed with their opinion. FYI emotional abuse is abuse wither it is on an adult or a child. If you continue down the path you are headed then you may make the comment very true since children are every intuitive and can sense when something is wrong. And as for the pics up on his site… they are his, no doubt taken with his camera (as he likes to do) of his child (or at least so you lead him to believe). Look there are even parts of his body (his hand) in the pics because even in your eyes he had the right to be there and take them. He is not a bad person for not remaining in the child’s life when the mother is a manipulative and dishonest as you. Had you been up front and honest you never know what the outcome may have been but you messed up so suck it up and get on with your life and focus on the child, learn from your mistakes and stop being a poor excuse for a woman so that you don’t have to worry about your daughter making the same mistakes.

  18. Adrienne says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Klimas on this one. I’d take the pics down, because you won’t need them to remind you of this heart-wrenching turn of events. Every time you hear her or the baby’s name, you’ll be reminded. One day someone will come along who is worthy of you, accepts you for all your strengths and foibles, and won’t feel the need to manipulate you out of hurt and anger. And she will be one very lucky woman. 🙂 You’ve got a very good head on your shoulders, my dear friend. Given time, you’ll eventually find a way to forgive and heal the hurt this has caused you. Lots of love!!

  19. Gabe says:

    Anyone here like Killswitch Engage? Fitting vids?


  20. Beth says:

    Hi Jayme,
    My name is Elizabeth and I don’t know you, nor do you know me…and maybe I shouldn’t even have an opinion on all this but since you posted it for the world to read…well I read it. I think that you are in the wrong for posting any of this. I think that if you honestly cared about this little girl at all, you would keep your business, your business. Let go of it all…it wasn’t even that great of a post to read. I truly feel that karma is a bitch and maybe you should look at what got you in this situation in the first place. Perhaps you will think twice before you just go and have sex with a random girl. Since you claim that you go to church…maybe you should stop and reflect on your life and the decisions you made to have sex with a girl you obviously weren’t in a relationship with in the first place. No trust or love, yet the one who has to pay is this little innocent girl. Stop punishing her, leave her and her mother alone. Maybe you should look at the way you have treated others in your life…I think you might have had this coming to you and now you are trying to get everyone to feel sorry for you. It seems pathetic to be posting any of this and it’s a desperate cry for attention. You are obviously in the wrong seeking redemption but perhaps you should try to receive it from God first. Sounds to me like you don’t treat females with very much respect…sad. How many of the women you have slept with could have potentially had your child? Yet you are blaming her for not knowing who the father is…when you could be the father to so many others that you might not even know about?? Take responsibility for your actions. This is all very sad and you need to let it go and post something more interesting. Thanks.

  21. Dale says:

    At the very least this post has generated some true opinions. Glad to see you have your sense of humor always can come thru. And as far as I can tell we are all a little crazy so don’t feel alone.

  22. stacey says:

    It looks like you need a big hug!! What a crazy lady man !!

  23. Rodrick says:

    WOW! I didn’t think it got this crazy for you man!

  24. Elaina says:

    Whatever you decide, leaving the posts up or taking them down, taking the pictures down but leaving the post, etc., the sentiment you expressed in the original post is not anyone’s business to condemn. You were expressing YOUR feelings on YOUR frickin’ blog about a loss in YOUR life. Anyone who criticizes how you feel is being critical of something they have no right to be critical of: your experience and feelings.

    As for Baby Mama, I have to agree with Nikki…she is, based on what she’s writing here and what appears to have happened, giving the rest of us women a bad name. The thing is, I’ve lived in my fair share of small towns around military bases and she’s not really all that unusual. I have no clue where you met her. You may not have met her in a military town. All I know is this story is played out over and over again. I’ve seen it a lot. And frankly, it’s gross although not unusual. Girls who do that (whether it be trying to trap a Marine because of pregnancy or who cheat and then don’t know who the fuck the father is) are a dime a dozen. Which leads me to say to the guys…be careful. Maybe look a little harder and longer before unzipping. I’m just sayin’…

    Secondly, the line about the doctors not knowing her due date is silly. A matter of a couple of weeks? I can understand. TWO months? Please. That’s probably the single most discrediting statement I’ve read from Baby Mama. The other big problem I have is that if she was gracious and above the so called “high-school” drama that Jayme is supposedly engaging in, she’d completely ignore him, this website and anything to do with him. There comes a time in our lives when we look at a situation and SHOULD chose to step away regardless of what is being said and chose to say no more. Why? Because WE end up looking the fool when we engage. If you bow out Baby Mama, keep quiet while he gets over the loss and is able to move forward, then no one has any “drama” and you go on with being a good mom with no money and he can go on with his life.

    Earlier someone made condemning statements about Jayme sleeping with women and talking about going to church and blahblahblah. As a Christian, I always cringe when people write stuff like that. The first person to condemn another’s actions needs to prove that they are without sin. The above commenter should read her Bible and realize that it also says that the words of the one in pain belong to the wind (Do you intend to reprove my words, When the words of one in despair belong to the wind? Job 6:26) In other words, Job was just telling his friends who were being hyper critical about everything he said after he lost EVERYTHING (family, wealth, etc) to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Maybe the two situations are not exactly comparable. But it brings me back to my very first point…this is Jayme’s blog. And he was writing about things on his mind and things he was feeling. Not a soul has any right to condemn that.

  25. Alicia says:


    I think you need to do what you want to do, feel what you want to feel, and deal with this problem in whichever way you feel like dealing with it. This is YOUR life, YOUR delicate and serious situation, one that has obviously left you thinking about so many of life’s mysteries.

    It was a huge loss, and as such, you need to mourn. You need to go through all the stages of mourning… And nobody mourns the same way. I honestly don’t think you have gone through every single one of these steps.

    That the bickering and the arguing need to stop, that I completely agree with. And not just for Elyse’s sake. You can’t go on obsessing over this. It will ultimately affect you to the point that it will render you useless.

    All the emotional help and all the advice you have received from friends and well-wishers is wonderful, but this decision is yours to make, because ultimately you will have to live with the consequences.

    Please know that in the end, your real friends will always be by and on your side. Whatever you decide to do.

    Hang in there, dear friend, and know no matter what your GPS says, I am always an hour away 🙂


  26. AJ says:

    I have to say it is some of the most interesting discussions generated on here in a long time. It is good to see you still have your sense of humor, even though I distinctly remember seeing a goat head in your bedroom on occassion or maybe it was a whole sheep, no wait that was Dale. It’s great being able to bash Dale through a third party host.

    So here goes my two-cents worth. I say leave the pics and posts up or take them down it doesn’t matter a damn bit because you know in your heart of hearts how you truly felt and your true friends will be there for you no matter what. I know that when you committ to something you do it 110% and that you truly loved that little girl and it sucks to have that ripped away from you. As for the “not babys mama” saying it was your choice to walk away WTF why would you stay, so she could screw you over some more and have her take that precious little girl away from you when you no longer served her purpose it is her loss not yours. No matter what you say or do will change how she feels and I don’t have the time or energy to really go into detail about I feel about her and other users like her. So keep your chin up and know we will always support you. By the way I asked Lynette about the due date thing and she said she’s full of shit (her words not mine since you know I fucking hate swearing).

    If you didn’t hear we added another one to our team on May 12th (a 6lb 7oz boy). I will send you some pics soon and hopefully we can get together when you get back here this fall.

  27. Gabe says:

    Hi Dale and AJ. Long Time. Congrats on your additions.

  28. Angie says:

    Hi Jayme! Its Angie! (not babys mama friend) I have read and read these posts and wanted to stay silent in all this craziness. Wow! What a discussion, right! Yet I find myself being a culprit of it and falling into it as well now. Well I do beleive this is a very private, personal matter. As mentioned by several above the only person who will suffer in the end is this beautiful, sweet, innocent child! I think maybe you get a little rush or stimulated from it? lol! But thats what Marines do, right? Its a macho, EGO thing I think. lol! I only say that b/c I grew up a military brat! My dad was in the marines then in the Army (you know this…i told you so). So I know what its like to live with someone who is very strict and has to be RIGHT….
    I certainly am not on here to bash ANYONE. But I do feel that this situtaion should be kept between you and the “not the babys mama”. I know you like the feedback and discussion/opinions from everyone…But do you realize how many people out there can really read this? Its astounding! I don’t want anyone to get one-sided opinions of either of you. That isn’t fair to either of you only because ultimately no one knows or hears what happens behind close doors. They only make assumptions on what they hear. I am not and WILL not do that. I will only go on what I saw/heard and witnessed first hand.
    First you! I was there with you when this beautiful child came into this world. We were both crying…(admit it marine…you!) I’ve never witnessed a birth from the other side (not delivering…) before myself and it was amazing…I saw your face and how worried, proud, scared, and just overwhelmed you were. It was definitely a MOMENT. Jayme you didn’t LET GO of her or let her out of your site the whole time. You were amazing. Don’t ever think that you came to Lexington for no reason. There is a reason for everything that happens to us in our life. I know you are not a “religious” person persay, but God knows and has a plan for us all and you were put here in Lexington on 1-19-09 for a reason and one day that reason will raise its head and we will all know. Outside of the time I spent around you…I don’t know how you are besides being a Marine…(which is a good thing, please don’t take that wrong) Great discipline…We all need some of that…me included!! lol 🙂
    Anyway, my perceptions of you (as the ten day daddy) were phenomenal. You were just like a new dad should be…hey maybe a little better, but b/c of DNA you let all that go. Yes I know (god forbid) that it is sooooo hard to imagine and stomach that you feel like you have been lied to…(been there myself), but in a previous post I did when you first put up the ten day daddy post..I mentioned that I myself am adopted and could not imagine my life any other way. My parents are wonderful! My point is…and others have mentioned it as well…It takes more to be a daddy than just giving sperm. I am certainly not taking anything away from the man that is her father. I don’t really know him like I knew you. (in the short time you were here…) But Jayme I think you are better than this. I appreciate how you want to culminate or ponder this situation..And greive as well…..but is it really worth all this?
    Now, for the mother. Yes we are friends and I love her dearly…Do we all always make the right decisions? No…no one is perfect or lives in a glass house. And if they do…I’d like to meet! The mother has admitted where she went wrong and has apologized profusely. Do I totally agree with how the situation all went down and how it came out? Of course I’m not, but I can speak for her when I say she honestly thought you were the father. She has no reason to lie to me about the situation and on numerous occasions she expressed how she just knew you were the father and how she thought you would be a good dad. When you began talking DNA test she was worried b/c of the due dates changing her and there she became unsure and I voiced my opinion to her and told her she needed to talk to you about it before the test, but us women…well as my dad has always said….Men are more statistical minded and women are more emotional minded and we don’t always think clearly as we should especially during emotional moments. But in her defense I really beleive that she thought you were the father and thats why she didn’t pursue the other person during her pregnancy (not b/c she thought you would be the “best” fit to be so.) Would she use Elyse against you? No I don’t beleive so and I don’t see how she did to begin with. She wanted you to be in Elyse’s life whether you and her had a relationship or not. And I honestly beleive to this day that if you chose to be she would feel the same way.
    And as spoken above in posts one day Elyse will want to know who that “mystery” man is in those pics with her. I have some of those as well….And mom will have to explain the situation, but I don’t think she will bash you for it…Will Elyse want to find you? Maybe so and what will you say to her? I wanted so bad to be your father and was for 10 days and I loved you unconditionally for 10 days, but I found out our blood type wasn’t a match so I decided to walk away…..Jayme, you are a great and very smart man (I might say), but is this very smart? Posting someones most personal, painful situations for everyone to put their “2 cents” in that don’t have all the facts as they are. It really truly isn’t fair ya know! And I see you took her pics down. My personal opinion I don’t think the pics mattered a bit…And mom didn’t have any issues with them either (obviously b/c the daddy post has been up a while) until the “abuse” word came into play….And the only thing I have to say about that is…….Abuse is a harsh word especially if you say child in the same sentence (and its your child being talked about) I would be the same way as would you I’m sure.
    As for everyone voicing their opinions on the situation..Everyone is intitled to their own opinions, but why out of such ill reprute?.. I have voiced my opinion to an extent, but its certainly not one sided and I think its very unwarranted and just plain immoral that everyone slam and bash the mother and don’t even know her. I think its just best that we let Jayme and the mother handle the situation in a way that they think is in the best interest of Elyse….Agree?
    Thanks for listening to my plight on this whole fiasco…..

  29. Angie Jones says:

    Jayme please don’t think you have to “defend” anything to me. And I know you never wrote anything about “abuse” anywhere else. You were simply responding to another post I understand that. Yet its there…and I believe it would make anyone in there right mind go on the defensive…Wouldn’t it you? Whether it was taken out of context or not. Its just a word that can be taken and distorted so many different ways….
    As for the “using a child as leverage”….well even as small children we learn to lie and deceive to get what we want. Its just human nature. I am sorry about what happened with your mother, but it doesn’t always mean every woman is like that. My ex thought I would be that way with our son as well…It has NEVER happened. I’m just not that type of person.

  30. not babys mama says:

    to julia:

    even my latest due date was jan 23rd..that still doesnt put her real dad in the hash that one for yourself.. not a genious so i dont use terms in the correct way and im not out to make someone feel stupid b/c they dont have the money to go to a college and get smarter..

    as far as jayme..i know he truely wants to be in her smart enough to know he will hold anger in his heart although the invitation is always on the table for him to be in her life..i know he wont..

    i have a big heart and forgiveness..jayme im not sure what he has..

    i do still care for him and feel extremely bad for the way things went down and i have apologized profusely to him and will not do it anymore..i know him and i can not be together..yet again his harboring anger and lack of forgiveness not that delusional..he taught me alot and i thank him for that but he has a lot og growing to do

    by the way she has plenty of people to love her including her real dad..him and i have made amends and are working great together as i do not need jayme to love her but i know he does..

  31. Robert W says:


    This whole situation is a crap shoot. Everyone will have opinions on how to fix this but trying to be a dual father in her life at this time will not work. I remember when my son was born. It was the most emotional, mindblowing and breathtaking experience I have ever known. I too didn’t want to let him go. I was constantly trying to be around, help even when I couldn’t feed him (parts not included)

    The point is that Jayme was part of this mind blowing experience, something completely different then what he has experienced in the middle east. This will take months, if not years to get over due to the raw emotional connection he developed.

    Semper Fi Marine
    Remember the good ol days when First Sergeant yelled… “Kohler…”
    “Yes First Sergeant…”
    “Is Werner out there?”

  32. Jennifer says:


    in all of this….what about the child?

    the whole thing sickens me.

  33. Jennifer says:

    …bang away, everybody…bang away.

  34. missy says:

    I know I’m a little late to jump on the bandwagon here, but going to anyway. I personally spoke to Baby’s Momma during the entire pregnancy, AND Baby’s “selected” Daddy. Most of you that are responding are forming an opinion from the blogs rather than hearing the info first hand. Baby’s “selected” Daddy is a good man with a great heart, a very grown up man. Baby’s Momma was looking for someone to take care of her, not so grown up….

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