Confused Marine debuts hybrid service uniform

Confused Marine debuts hybrid service uniform

Below is a picture of the United States Marine Corps Service C (left) and A (right) uniforms. The Service C uniform, dubbed “Charlies” or “Chucks” is authorized for leave and liberty and is most commonly worn by drill instructors during the summer months for days such as Family Day, graduation, and Sundays and holidays. The Service A uniform, “Alphas,” is also authorized for leave and liberty but is required when checking into a new duty stations ashore.

Service C and Service A uniforms

Apparently, some new Marines didn’t get the memo.

ChalfasThis Marine was checking into MCAS Miramar with a mixture of Service A and Service C Marine Corps uniforms, affectionately coined CHALFAS. The Marine reported to his new unit with a crinkled short sleeve Charlie shirt, chipped, unserviceable collar emblems upside down, no tie and tie clasp, no shooting badge, no belt, belt loop or belt buckle, and wearing white socks.

This is a pretty popular picture circulating around Parris Island, with every drill instructor pointing fingers at the next one saying “He came from your platoon!” It’s an entertaining piece for sure.


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  1. Sgt Pierce says:

    WTF? Seriously? What was he thinking? Maybe he lost everything he was missing in transit? I wonder what was going through his mind right before he walked into his new duty station…You know…the only person to blame for this is the person that checked in with him. Wow…

  2. Elaina says:

    Was he high? Seriously. He must’ve been.

  3. Marvin says:

    Maybe, he was still hungover…but give credit where credit is due .. he did report to his duty station.

    Once, when my ship was in Canada, we were the last USN ship to leave port.. A young Marine, raced up in civilian attire and reported he had missed his ship’s movement – We took him abroad and dressed him in dungrees and the next day returned him to his unit via helo – – There were 6 Gunnys waiting for him..

  4. Jayme says:

    The recruits are inspected in Alphas the week prior to graduation. I don’t know how in the hell they screw it up so bad.

    • Gonzalo Sanz says:

      This guys went to his new unite from MOS. he went to school at Camp Johnson in NC. He’s a Mech 3521 and he was the scribe for AMOC 13. I know cuz i was AMOC 11 (two classes before him). When I saw this picture here in Japan; I flipped out as i cracked down laughing. And to this day i can’t believe it. Either way, I know he got checked because its a requirement, so my guess is that he lost everything on his 10-20 day leave transition.

      Unacceptable but shit happens. I just can’t believe he couldn’t ask for help.

  5. John Kelsch says:

    Reminds me of a knucklehead I went to bootcamp with. He checked into SOI East with a set of Alphas with cover, tie, and belt missing. Additionaly he brought one set of cammies and left the rest of his uniforms at home. It was a bad day for him. Come to think about it he was a meritorious PFC (squad leader in boot camp) got out after 4 years still a PFC…….Bottom line no matter what they accomplish in boot camp some guys just don’t get it.

    On another topic, Jayme have you heard where Coleman was posted?

  6. ed bowers says:

    Reminds me of some isnspections PFC Kohler stood!

  7. ed b says:

    You always had a squared away uniform,it must have been Lodes I was thinking of. Was I not wearing the prescribed gear, I also had my weapon both of them ? Setting the example right?

  8. Ed says:

    Hey are you heading this way anytime soon?

  9. Dave says:

    Its unprofessional as a leader to allow a photo like this to leak to the general public. What kind of an example do you set when you embarrass a soldier or marine by leaking a photo out for public ridicule rather than take the time to correct the Marine’s deficiency on the spot and notify his NCO’s of the deficiency?

  10. Dave says:

    “This is a pretty popular picture circulating around Parris Island, with every drill instructor pointing fingers at the next one saying “He came from your platoon!” Bottom line is this kid is busted, meaning he’s screwed up. If you see him, pop him in the mouth.”

    That last bit is also unprofessional as well

    • YM/Cpl. Aye says:

      I think its pretty unprofessional to wear such a jacked up uniform, its defacing what the Marine Corps stands for. He deserves to be humiliated, and who cares if the picture circulates, his face isn’t in it, for all we know it could be the Commandant playing dress up.

  11. shaun in the hat says:

    Dave is my hero! not really. And to add to his previous statement……………….. Hey he must of been one of yours Kohler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    …………….STILL LMFAO


    OH YA


  12. joethejarhead says:

    Are you kidding me? Are you sure this is really a Marine? I can’t imagine anyone leaving Parris Island looking like that, what is this guy Hollywood or something??

  13. West Coast says:

    I’ve served with many P.I. Marines and I know that only this kind of turd comes from “that” part of our corps. We’re Hollywood Marines because we are what the legends are made of.

  14. Max says:

    When I checked in to MCT there was an S-bag checking in in Dress Blue “Delta’s.” Wow, they tore that guy up all they thru the 3 weeks or whatever it was.

  15. I as a 30 year spit and polish or as the young marines would say lifer his uniform was just unsat he should have recived office hours for reporting to duty out of uniform. We are called the Presidents own For a reason Beacuse our uniforms we wear with pride day in and day out put his ass on the quater deck

    • Jayme says:

      I was lucky enough to get my “time” messed with as a young Marine if I got retarded. Office hours don’t mean much anymore because such a small percentage of Marines stay in long enough for it to affect them.

      NJPs are like “time-outs” to young Marines.

  16. Martin says:

    You are a true man !!!

    How I envy you!! I’m a Senior Three student in China.Many of my classmates regard Marines as heroes.They look forward to joining Marine.We have been fed up with the socialists.Once all of us are ambitious to serve our country,but now,we are asked to serve the Communist Party.Maybe I can never be a Marine,I will be a freedom fighter forever.

  17. LT says:

    Atleast he wasn’t UA

  18. owdachwq says:

    ha you all are funny and you all shoudnt be talking if you dont even know the story behind it

    yup thats right there is a story its called bad leadership in the marine corps

    you think this marine didnt know it was wrong?
    he did

    but JRC thinks they are a bunch of DI’s

    BITCH your ADMIN get that??????

    yeah bet you didnt know that huh?

  19. Joseph says:

    Yes he is a Marine but its funny reading every thing about the picture and no one knows the story about why he was dressed like that.

    1. Sometimes when new Marines come in at the air port from their school a lot of Marines that been in likes to mess with the new marines telling them they don’t have to be in uniform when they check in or they have to be in a different uniform.

    2. When this Marine was checking in to Miramar the shuttle dropped him off at the PMO gate and PMO was messing with him more telling him he has to be in this uniform but mixing up his uniform and he didn’t know what to do because we all know newly young Marines won’t open their mouth about anything to an NCO when they’re scared because holy shit its an NCO I better do what he says because he knows better and do what hes told like a good Marine he is.

    3. The only reason why I know all of this is because he was my Marine yeah it was all funny when I got an e-mail showing me this picture well not this one but the whole picture that didn’t cut off is head or cut most of the back ground out of it. And I remembered what I said to all of the other Corporals I work with was “Damn I feel sorry for his NCOs when he shows up”. and not even 30 seconds later my Gunny tells me go pick up our new Marines from the duty sure enough when I get to the duty I looked over and there he was I knew he was mine and I told my self “shit I just jinxed my self son of a bitch”. So I went to correct his ass and talk to him about what the hell was he thinking so he told me his story bring him back to our shop and thanks to him I got my ass handed to me because he looked like a bag of ass and from two weeks after things actually started to look a lot better for him and the other Marine he came with too which looked like a bag of ass as well but not as bad as he did.

    • Jayme says:

      Its a shame there are ass monkeys out there giving bum scoop to new Marines. It just makes everybody look bad. On the other hand, when these kids leave boot camp we make it VERY clear what uniform they should be reporting in. This kid had a bad case of dumbass with a sprinkle of outside influence.

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