Day 2 – Givhans Ferry State Park to Lake Moultrie (Short Stay Naval Recreation Area)

Av – 12.4 mph
Dis – 36.7 miles
Tm – 02:57 hrs.
Asc – 470 ft.

  • 06:56 Trying in vain to dry the clothes I cleaned. img
  • 06:57 Packing up. Day 2. img
  • 07:17 Happy Black Friday! Should be on the road at 08:00.
  • 07:54 On the road for Day 2!
  • 08:22 Ridgeville SC img
  • 09:06 Crossing I-26. img
  • 11:02 Lunch stop at the Monks Corner Subway. Only about 10 miles left. Blessedly short day for some sight seeing at Lake Moultrie.
  • 11:27 Area weather looks horrible for this afternoon. I had better get my ass in gear.
  • 13:08 Home sweet home! My own cabin at Lake Moultrie – Naval recreation area. img
  • 14:23 Bicycle touring with a smart phone totally kicks ass. Maybe one day I’ll have one and not a Blackberry Storm.
  • 16:45 Lake Moultrie and its craptastic weather. img

The morning of. Packing to leave.It’s raining again, a cold, penatrating rain that wants to suck every ounce of heat from my very bones. It’s a damn good thing I got a cabin at the Short Stay Naval Outdoor Recreation Area – Lake Moultrie.

The cabin is rustic looking – one room more or less – but has heat and electricity. Most importantly, it has a roof. I cranked the heater to 80 degrees to attempt to dry out my wet clothes. It seems to be working.

I’m tired, despite the short, sub forty mile day. My cycling fitness isn’t what it used to be. It isn’t what it ever was, that much is obvious. My average speed matched yesterday’s. I’m sure I’m wearing into the tour.

Just a worn down shack. There are a lot in these parts.Do I dare call this a “tour?” Compared to my other trips this has been a recreational outing. 227 miles on four days – even after a five year hiatus – is easy. My initial route broke the 300 mile mark, but I realized I didn’t want to ride just to ride. I wanted to look around a bit. I think my idea of boots-on-the-ground tourism was a bit grand. I only spent an hour or two wandering around here before escaping the crappy weather for the day. I’m looking forward to a triumphant ride into Charleston’s Waterfront Park tomorrow. More so, I can’t wait to ride over the big bridge! More tour photos, please.

Artsy-fartsy photo of crossing I-26.Speaking of which, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of being able to immediately upload photos from my phone. I fire them off via email to a site called Twitxer, which posts to Twitter and Facebook, but I don’t like having to tag it with a location.

Live updating is a great concept. Maybe an “active tour” page that rolls up tweets and media in a timeline. The GPS tracker is cool too. It’ll be interesting to see my page hits after this tour is over.

Home for the night.I’m pushing past Charleston tomorrow to try and make Day 4 as short as possible. The weather is supposed to be sunny and clear both days, but highs will settle in the mid 60s with tomorrow’s low in the mid 30s.

Somewhere, tomorrow night, my ass is going to be camping roadside. Ouch. I have plenty of cold weather gear I brought specifically to test run the packing load, but I was secretly hoping I wouldn’t need it. I already plan on doing away with a handful of the bulkiest items: my fleece pullover, polypropylene tops and bottoms, and maybe even my fleece slippers (reluctantly). They’re huge items to pack.

Lake Moultrie. In the cold-ass rain.All in all, this tour was/is a good thing. I suppose I could do shorter ones over the weekends. I think I should, in fact. I need to get miles with a full load on my legs. I need to actually train instead of winging it. I don’t want cold February weather and weak legs to be the disastrous combo that kills my spirit. If something as simple as training will make this upcoming tour more enjoyable, I’m all about it. Most importantly, I don’t want to be the asshole who bitched out.

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