v1 Prologue – American Southeast

I heart bicyclesThis is a tour of convenience. Let me put that straight.

I thought I was done with my bicycle touring upon completion of the Lewis and Clark bicycle trail in 2005, but apparently I was wrong.

Three and a half years in South Carolina, spent with the Atlantic Ocean practically in my back yard, and only recently did it occur to me that I could push one last leg and successfully complete a coast-to-coast bicycle ride. Sometimes, I’m not the brightest.

All weather forecasts point towards a variation “balls cold” during my trip, but I remain undaunted. Assuming I don’t literally freeze to death in some freak winter storm, I find comfort in the fact my cycling skills were tested in April of 1997 in -50 degrees. Add the wind chill and make it -75. I’m golden.

I’m physically unprepared; I didn’t do any riding since my South Carolina Lowcountry tour last Thanksgiving. But this doesn’t worry me too much either. I’ve got 27 gears for a reason.

If I was a religious man, I’m sure I’d be praying right now. But I’m not. I’m a hungry man with my gear packed and movies to watch. So it’s pizza and beer for me tonight – for awhile.

Wish me luck.

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