PayPal tour donation winner

Congratulations and a hearty thank you! goes to Shawna for a $20 donation to the already infamous Lewis and Clark mountain bike tour of 2004! Her donation is being used for 9 feet of reflective tape with which to adorn my B.O.B. trailer to keep from getting killed on the highway.

As you can see, donations are being used effectively rather than blown on hookers and whiskey, as I’m sure was the misconception when I requested fund assistance. The process is safe and indeed secure, so feel free to join the crowd and donate a buck or two so I don’t have to make people up.

Jayme and Mack in the jungleMack and I, under his direct supervision and navigation prowess, went for a ride yesterday. Within minutes of leaving the sanctuary of the fire road, we were enveloped in jungle so thick it would make an Amazonian claustrophobic. It was a team effort as I pulled my bike through the dense underbrush and Mack pushed it. We jumped ravines, crossed rivers, were bitten, stung, scraped, scratched, beaten, bruised, stabbed, gouged, and punctured, and overall had the times of our lives. The day ended with almost 45km under our belts, half of which was practically swinging Tarzan style from vine to vine.

The jungle beat us that day, but we will return triumphant! I just received my Garmin eTrex Vista GPS and the world is now our oyster. No longer will we stumble unaided through the brush and the bush and the foliage. From now on we stumble accompanied by $240 worth of navigational wonder which is practically useless in triple canopy jungle! Ah, the perks of the technological age.

Our progress continues…