Lewis and Clark Trail

Lewis and Clark Trail

Lewis and Clark Historical Trail logoIt wasn’t like I woke up one morning with a burning desire to ride the Lewis and Clark Trail. It just happened. But I know now that it had to happen. Trout swim upstream to spawn. I ride.

The idea didn’t start for any reason in particular. I was leafing through an old issue of Bike Magazine and saw a small ad about the Adventure Cycling Association. I checked it out online and thought it would be cool idea to go on a cross country ride. I scratched my head and snooped through the routes. Hell, I had thirty days of leave coming to me once I rotated off the Marine Security Guard program, and that would be plenty of time to take a long distance ride. But which one? Dale was getting married around the same time frame so a ride ending in Bismarck would be perfect. Suddenly, I spotted the Lewis and Clark Trail and my eyes bulged…

Excerpt from Inception, how it all began.

This cycle tour journal consists of three main parts: workup posts, the eastbound tour (OR to ND in 2004), and the westbound tour (IL to ND in 2005).

The workup posts are how this tour was conceived and developed. They begin while stationed in Brasilia, Brazil and end in Ottawa, Canada on my first bona fide cycle tour. When I reread them I find it hard to believe I actually pulled it off.

I cycled the Lewis and Clark Trail in two parts, over two years, due to time constrictions. My eastbound tour began with comedic transit to Hillsboro, OR and ended twenty days (and almost 1,500 miles) later. Despite my westbound tour coming in a bit shorter at sixteen days and just under 1,200 miles, it wasn’t any easier.

This tour was blood, sweat, and tears. It consumed me. Maybe you’ll be next.

Feel free to contact me for any reason. Enjoy…

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