Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

Ottawa to Kingston (out-and-back)

30 July to 01 August 2004

Sources say you should work up to your tour two months prior. First, by riding daily, without gear, slowly building up miles and miles until you can cycle 50 miles in a day. The month prior to your tour you should begin loading your bike up, testing equipment, getting used to the weight, until you can two consecutive days of 70+ miles.

My training consisted of riding an average of 14 miles a day in nice weather, unloaded, for a few weeks and one measly loaded tour with forty-five pounds worth of bricks in my panniers for a whopping four hours ride time.

Six days later I was on my way to a destination 120 miles away with twenty pounds of untested gear that was incomplete at best. The entire trip was spur of the moment. I heard of the three day weekend approaching and the rumored Trans Canada Trail, I decided on a Friday morning that I’d attempt, and I do stress the word attempt, the 120 mile journey to Kingston.

This is the story of my trip. It is my lessons learned, the things seen, the people met, and the experience of the ride. It’ll be a tough one to beat.

07/30 – Day 1 – Ottawa, ON to Kingston, ON  
07/31 – Day 2 – Kingston, ON to Merrickville, ON  
08/01 – Day 3 – Merrickville, ON to Ottawa, ON  
08/03 – Lessons learned – Ontario, Canada  

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